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Same-day or next business day appointments

Same day urgent appointments and next day routine appointments are accomodated. Annual exams can be scheduled within one or two weeks.

Little or no office waiting time, longer, more comprehensive appointments

Comprehensive annual exams or new patient exams will be scheduled for one to two hour blocks. Routine follow up exams will be scheduled for 30 to 45 minute blocks. This type of scheduling eliminates the time pressure of your traditional office visit.

Flexible Scheduling

A significant barrier to appropriately managing many medical conditions is time and convenience. It is much more effective to treat acute and chronic illnesses when time and scheduling constraints are eliminated from the equation. Flexible appointment scheduling, easy phone and email access, and extra time with your doctor are all key factors which may improve outcomes. At BCIM, it is easy to schedule an appointment, no problem to get in and be seen, and simple to call later and discuss the results with your doctor.

Strong focus on preventive medicine and long-term health and wellness

Dr. Espinosa believes that you should be empowered to take an active role in managing and maintaining optimal health.  We will routinely provide you with preventive medicine education documents and videos that will provide you with the tools to take an active role in managing and maintaining good health.

An advocate to work directly between you and your specialist

Dr. Espinosa, will serve as an advocate and partner for your health, including working with other doctors and specialists as your representative. He will essentially put all the pieces together regarding your previous medical history and treatment plans from different specialists, with a goal of capturing the big picture regarding your health. Osteopathic doctors focus on this big picture perspective.

Hospital Visits

Continuity of care is a key component in reducing medical errors. If you are hospitalized at Piedmont or Northside hospital, Dr. Espinosa will see you in the hospital periodically to ensure that the doctors caring for you in the hosptial have the most up to date clinical information for you and will facilitate communication between all providers involved in your care.

Direct phone access to Dr. Espinosa and staff, during office hours

During office hours, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with Dr. Espinosa when he is not seeing other patients. If your problem is urgent however, Dr. Espinosa will make every effort to speak with you at the time of your call.

Dr. Espinosa's personal cell phone number will be provided to you

As far as medical illness is concerned, there is nothing more reassuring than being able to reach your personal physician directly, particularly after hours and on the weekends. Access to Dr. Espinosa via cell phone is provided to all patients. Typically this mode of communication is reserved for after hours and for urgent medical needs.

House calls

Visits to your home provide flexibility in how Dr. Espinosa delivers care. House calls are provided when the delivery of care can be adequately provided in the home. Patients with limited mobility benefit greatly from these visits. In many circumstances however, the delivery of appropriate medical care cannot be performed in the home. Dr. Espinosa will make a clinical judgement when deciding to deliver care in the home or clinic.

Your own personal and pertinent medical information will be made accessible to you

After your annual exam, you will be provided with a hard copy or electronic copy of your current medical information and data. This will allow you to have all important information at your fingertips when you are traveling or whenever you may need it.

Services through state-of-the-art communications

Our practice makes use of the most up to date communication technologies. Our goal is to employ these tools to ensure that service is enhanced. An example of this is the HIPAA compliant Patient Portal. This technology provides secure access to patient specific information, including lab results, imaging results, as well as medication and allergy lists.




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