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The Concierge Concept

Concierge medicine delivers medical care in a manner that is unique and different from a traditional medical practice


"How much time do you spend with your physician?"

If you are like many other patients, you are frustrated with the impersonal and hurried healthcare delivery system of today. Did you know that you have another option?

In today’s typical office practice, and in the traditional Atlanta medical clinic, most doctors provide medical care to between 2,500 and 4,000 patients. Doctors see an average of 15 to 30 people per day. Because of high practice volumes, patients have to wait for appointments, wait for the doctor and then see the doctor for a shortened amount of time.

Concierge medicine focuses on relieving this pressing problem in healthcare -- High Volume. The concierge medicine model improves how healthcare is delivered to you by improving practice volumes.

"During your office visit, do you feel your physician is distracted or short on time?"

BCIM is a revolutionary internal medicine practice focused on delivering the highest quality of healthcare, in a personal and compassionate manner, with an emphasis on providing each patient the attention, respect, and time he or she needs. Dr. Espinosa allots 30 to 60 minutes for routine visits in order to answer all your medical concerns.

"Are you able to speak directly with your physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?"

In addition to ease of access during business hours, patients of Dr. Espinosa have direct access to him via his cell phone during after hours, weekends, and holidays. BCIM provides access to patients when they need it most.

"Are you able to schedule same day appointments?"

Because of the improved practice structure, patients of Dr. Espinosa are able to schedule same day urgent visits or next day routine visits.  Annual physical exams are usually scheduled within 1 to 2 weeks.


"Does your primary care physician visit you in the hospital if you are hospitalized?"

Dr. Espinosa is on staff at Piedmont and Northside hospitals. If you are hospitalized, Dr. Espinosa will ensure continuity of care. He will bridge the gap between the outpatient and inpatient setting by visiting you in the hospital and communicating with your hospital medical providers.

"Do you feel that your physician is your strongest healthcare advocate?"

BCIM’s approach is to interact and partner with you to ensure your optimum health and wellness. From your first encounter you will notice that this is not the typical Atlanta medical clinic. Dr. Espinosa strives to be your strongest health care advocate. Our practice will expertly manage your healthcare experience with a focus on evidence based medicine and an emphasis on personalized care.


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