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Disease prevention

Most of our patients are in good health and we want to help them stay that way. We screen for cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, neurologic illnesses, and many other diseases. We screen for conditions where screening has been scientifically proven to be of benefit, using the best current technologies. Screening can be customized, based on your family history, lifestyle, risk factors, and current medical issues and concerns. As a concierge practice we have additional time alloted into the office visit to delve into the details of your pertinent medical history and risk factors.

High blood pressure

Invest in a home blood pressure monitor and then use phone or email to follow up and supplement your office visits. This strategy helps you gain optimal control of your blood pressure. Nationwide, only one-third of patients with high blood pressure have adequate control. In our office, over 90% of patients with high blood pressure have it under excellent control.

Elevated cholesterol

Understand your cardiovascular risk and the many choices available to reduce your chances of a heart attack. Have your cholesterol level drawn in our office or at a Quest laboratory center most convenient to you. Discuss results and your customized plan thoroughly in the office or over the phone directly with Dr. Espinosa. We make it easy, and convenient to treat abnormal cholesterol.

Weight management

An emphasis on weight management to prevent hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease is our goal.  Diet, exercise, and in some cases medications can make a big difference. There are no straightforward answers for the obesity epidemic in America, but state-of-the-art care to help manage your weight is available in our office.


Sinusitis, colds, flu

Does every visit to your doctor for an infection result in an antibiotic prescription? Do you feel that not enough time is taken to distinguish bacterial infections from viral ones? Dr. Espinosa will employ new diagnostic technology and take time to ensure a precise diagnosis is made in order to avoid unnecessary antibiotic prescribing.

Anxiety and depression

Most primary care physicians treat these symptoms only with medications. However, research shows that a short course of psychotherapy is just as effective and longer lasting. Medications and psychotherapy together are better than either alone. Our office will ensure that appropriate treatment and as needed specialty referrral are provided.

Avoid excessive or inadequate test ordering

Play an active role in your diagnostic work up. Not every symptom demands a total body MRI scan. Other times, patients have been overlooked and really do need a thorough, comprehensive evaluation. Our office is economically neutral with regards to blood work, X-rays, and consultations. We neither gain money by ordering tests or referring to specialists, nor do we lose. Your health is our only priority.

End-of-life discussion

Dr. Espinosa, believes that the best time for end of life discussion is when an aging adult is in good health. Being in good health allows for a clear discussion of ones individual wishes. Dr. Espinosa will discuss this delicate topic with you in detail to gain a clear understanding of your directives.



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